Saturday, July 15, 2017

Philips Norelco 2100—Electric Razor of the Gods

I’ve tried a bunch of different electric razors over the years, and not one of them worked worth a darn. I guess I’ve got a weird beard. Yes, that’s what they called me—Mr. Weird Beard. Electric razors just don’t want to shave my beard for some reason. . .until now.

I can’t get over how nice this thing works. Even if I haven’t washed my face first and it’s still oily, this razor will give me a nice shave every time. And it’s cordless, so it’s great on trips. I only have to charge it once per week. You have to change the blades every six months—not bad at all for the close shave you get. It also has a pop-up sideburn trimmer. Highly recommended.


  1. And Santa can ride it at Christmas time!

    1. Yes! There's ample room for Santa-butt! (Also room for old mother-in-law-butt if you want to borrow it sometime.)

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