Wednesday, January 2, 2013

CamStudio - Filming Your Computer Moves

I had used CamStudio for years back whenit first came out. It's a free program that records all your screen movements for people who want to make how-to movies (as in how to use this or that asepect of a program and so forth) and post them to their website or YouTube etc. I thought the program had died years ago, which it basically did, but a couple of years ago some fans of the program manged to hack it and keep it going while updating it along the way. It's still free, looks and works the same way it always did, but now it works with a few new codecs and will install nicely on Windows-7/64-bit. It can be downloaded here:


Also, for those looking to make tutorials that are more of a Flash action script where you have arrows to click on for going to the next scene etc. Wink is still going strong. It's a great program, however, it doesn't yet work on a 64-bit platform: