Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Mother Of All Dreams

Friday night, well actually Saturday morning not long before I woke-up, I had a dream of a large white circle of light. I think I had been in the light, and the light was the place of all knowledge, it was the place everyone strives to be at whether they know it or not. It's the cause and source of all things unknowable and unspeakable past, present, and future that each of us longs for but have no way of expressing—the cause of CS Lewis' sehnsucht. I knew at once that God was a person (because he has knowledge), a place (a circle in this case), and a thing, (light). I experienced the ALL that is in all. And I knew it. I knew it with everything in me. And yet... I could remember nothing of it. It was so frustrating. And yet, I was so full of peace because even though I couldn't remember anything that happened there, I know that, for at least a moment, I had been perfectly content. I knew that all my questions had been answered even if I could no longer remember the questions or the answers either one.