Saturday, May 19, 2012

Population Control and the Coming Food Shortage

With all the talk and worry about political upheavals around the globe, the one very real threat that's on the horizon, and which you seldom hear discussed in America, is a devastating food shortage that is bound to come and come quickly.

The world's population has increased by more than one third in the past 20 years alone from 4-billion to 7-billion. Right now somewhere between 25 – 35 thousand people starve to death daily. Nearly one billion are malnourished. At the current rate of population growth (which shows no signs of slowing down) we'll be over 9-billion in another 10 – 20 years easily. Yes, there's plenty of land, but most of it is not arable farmland. Climate change is only going to make this worse expanding tundras and dessert regions. While the population grows exponentially, food production does not and can not. Up until now the vast majority of wars have been fought over land, but not because of the food that land produces. In 20-years that will change. There will be world wide wars over food unless we find a way to stop population growth. Genetic engineering of food products will help a little, but not enough. The calamity is coming, and right now I see no good way to stop it. And it will happen in most of our lifetimes. Not our children's or grandchildren's—ours.

There is no way to prepare for this short of picking up stakes and moving to the wilderness, some place like Alaska or the Northwest Territory. Life is hard in places like those, but you can still eek out a living from the land with a lot of work. For those who stay behind in the heartland, the world is going to be a very scary place. People will be starving to death left and right in the middle of America's biggest cities. Every single model that's been done has shown that nearly 90% of the world's population will die as a result of of the food shortage (mostly from the resulting wars). We don't think about it because it hasn't hit our shores yet. But it will hit, and hit like a meteor.

There is only one way to prevent this, short of divine intervention, and that is by imposing severe birth control restrictions globally that will almost have to include mandated sterilization techniques very soon to bring populations under control now while there's still time. People will laugh and scoff at that, but if we don't do this, the only other alternative is a massive extermination of human beings.

Whoa! you say. Good Christians would never support such a thing! Of course not. We'd sooner go down with the ship. We have no fear of death. The thing you have to keep in mind though is that governments are not run by good Christians. Politicians see themselves as the destiny makers of man, and most have the ego to prove it. Nearly 100 million people were murdered in the last century by destiny makers such as the Marquis de Sade, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Artur Axmann, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler. Social engineering is old hat at this point. A few heads of state from various countries (or perhaps just one) will put together a think tank to tackle the problem, and the think tank will recommend the best way to annihilate humans under covert circumstances. One day we'll wake-up to find a pandemic sweeping the world and we'll never know how it started. Perhaps a new deadly strain of bird flew. A new kind of food contaminate. Even an ancient bacteria come back from the swamps and bogs. Then those same politicians will shake their heads and feign sadness, putting on the act of their lives.

Some of you will no doubt shake your heads at me, saying, “Is he for real?” I'm actually being fairly level-headed about all of this. The numbers simply do not lie. Either a lot of people will be killed off due to a man-made device in the next two decades, or most of the world's population will start dying off via wars and starvation shortly thereafter. There's simply no way around this unless we can mandate birth control procedures now.

Why is this not a bigger concern for everybody? Here we live in this technological age and we go all gaga over our fancy toys and flashy cars and half million dollar homes, but in just twenty years we and our toys may all be gone if we don't do something to stop population growth. People have been sounding the alarm for several decades, and every leading expert in the fields of social and food sciences agrees about it, yet no one is listening. I just don't get it.