Saturday, May 19, 2012

Population Control and the Coming Food Shortage

With all the talk and worry about political upheavals around the globe, the one very real threat that's on the horizon, and which you seldom hear discussed in America, is a devastating food shortage that is bound to come and come quickly.

The world's population has increased by more than one third in the past 20 years alone from 4-billion to 7-billion. Right now somewhere between 25 – 35 thousand people starve to death daily. Nearly one billion are malnourished. At the current rate of population growth (which shows no signs of slowing down) we'll be over 9-billion in another 10 – 20 years easily. Yes, there's plenty of land, but most of it is not arable farmland. Climate change is only going to make this worse expanding tundras and dessert regions. While the population grows exponentially, food production does not and can not. Up until now the vast majority of wars have been fought over land, but not because of the food that land produces. In 20-years that will change. There will be world wide wars over food unless we find a way to stop population growth. Genetic engineering of food products will help a little, but not enough. The calamity is coming, and right now I see no good way to stop it. And it will happen in most of our lifetimes. Not our children's or grandchildren's—ours.

There is no way to prepare for this short of picking up stakes and moving to the wilderness, some place like Alaska or the Northwest Territory. Life is hard in places like those, but you can still eek out a living from the land with a lot of work. For those who stay behind in the heartland, the world is going to be a very scary place. People will be starving to death left and right in the middle of America's biggest cities. Every single model that's been done has shown that nearly 90% of the world's population will die as a result of of the food shortage (mostly from the resulting wars). We don't think about it because it hasn't hit our shores yet. But it will hit, and hit like a meteor.

There is only one way to prevent this, short of divine intervention, and that is by imposing severe birth control restrictions globally that will almost have to include mandated sterilization techniques very soon to bring populations under control now while there's still time. People will laugh and scoff at that, but if we don't do this, the only other alternative is a massive extermination of human beings.

Whoa! you say. Good Christians would never support such a thing! Of course not. We'd sooner go down with the ship. We have no fear of death. The thing you have to keep in mind though is that governments are not run by good Christians. Politicians see themselves as the destiny makers of man, and most have the ego to prove it. Nearly 100 million people were murdered in the last century by destiny makers such as the Marquis de Sade, Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Artur Axmann, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Ho Chi Minh, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and Adolf Hitler. Social engineering is old hat at this point. A few heads of state from various countries (or perhaps just one) will put together a think tank to tackle the problem, and the think tank will recommend the best way to annihilate humans under covert circumstances. One day we'll wake-up to find a pandemic sweeping the world and we'll never know how it started. Perhaps a new deadly strain of bird flew. A new kind of food contaminate. Even an ancient bacteria come back from the swamps and bogs. Then those same politicians will shake their heads and feign sadness, putting on the act of their lives.

Some of you will no doubt shake your heads at me, saying, “Is he for real?” I'm actually being fairly level-headed about all of this. The numbers simply do not lie. Either a lot of people will be killed off due to a man-made device in the next two decades, or most of the world's population will start dying off via wars and starvation shortly thereafter. There's simply no way around this unless we can mandate birth control procedures now.

Why is this not a bigger concern for everybody? Here we live in this technological age and we go all gaga over our fancy toys and flashy cars and half million dollar homes, but in just twenty years we and our toys may all be gone if we don't do something to stop population growth. People have been sounding the alarm for several decades, and every leading expert in the fields of social and food sciences agrees about it, yet no one is listening. I just don't get it.


  1. Perhaps, instead of offending the natural law by forcing people to act against both their nature and their will, why not address the real cause of food shortages - greed and power.

    It's because we've played God in the first place that we have these problems. We've genetically altered our food, misused the land and used hunger as a weapon. We've created false expectations about life. We've removed man from the cycle of life, divorced him from nature and then packed him in cities that rely on a finite and tenuous source of energy to survive.

    It's not the number of people that's the problem it's how the people live and how they're controlled.

    China has used birth control in one form or another for quite a while now and look where they are. It's suddenly become apparent to them that they don't have enough women left to sustain their race. WOOPS!

    So if we do birth control on a global level don't you think we'd have the same problems? We'll need to allow some births for the continuation of the species. Control means someone will have to decide who has children, how many and what sex. Just like China.

    Just for the sake of argument, let's say that whoever is running the UN Office of Birthing has all the wisdom of Solomon and manages to get just the right balance of sexes and placement on the earth and it's all hummin' right along. Then BAM! A plague comes along and randomly removes a significant portion of the population. The whole plan's shot all to hell. Not only that but it's all unbalanced now because nature didn't get the meme and took out the wrong segment of the well planned population. Now what?

    We can't play God and that's exactly what population control attempts to do. We may have dominion over the earth but we don't have it over all creation, in particular man.

    I'm sure you'll have a brilliant counter argument which is what makes this do damned much fun! :)

  2. I'm all ears, not joining in but I am listenin'

  3. I'll let Tom make the big, bold statements. I'll chime in for the food part. Everyone needs to grow a "victory" garden. As some know, I follow the homesteader blogs and some homesteaders live in apartments. Yes, apartments. It's a frame of mind, not always about acreage. Nice pots on a deck can grow some super strawberries, tomatoes, herbs, in fact quite a few bloggers grow exclusively in pots. Edible landscaping, mix in a brightly colored tri color sage, pretty trailing cucumbers, lettuces, spinach and always no fail zucchini. Think about how many times someone has tried to pawn off their extra pounds of zukes on you! We all need to contribute. Dehydrate and can so you don't need electricity. I'm a quasi prepper but not Doomsday crazy.

    I'm with you, Ros. I can't wait to hear the discussions on this! BTW, did you get your garden started yet? I know you had been thinking about it.

    1. I'm still in the thought process Kathy. However, I have been busy looking for work, so that's my excuse at the moment........

  4. Now, now—you know good and well that the “forcing people to act against their nature and will” is completely specious, and you can think of a hundred examples of why just as I can, so I'm not even gonna go there.

    Yes, we've genetically altered food. Sometimes that's not worked well, but more often than not it's worked brilliantly causing much higher yields with absolutely no side effects. You want to allow people to procreate themselves into a massive ball of food eating flesh on a small plot of earth without near enough farmland to sustain them (not to mention that we're quickly running out of fish), yet you don't want to allow us to help them have more food by the only means possible? That's a non-argument.

    We didn't “pack” men in cities. People moved into cities because they found it easier than trying to sustain themselves living off the land as individuals. Go ask a few people living off the land in the wilderness areas of Alaska how easy it is. They've got all the land they could want, and in Southern AK, especially on the peninsula, they can even get in two harvests per year just like on the mainland. Yet they still find it ridiculously difficult to live. There's a reason mankind built cities and pooled their talents and resources 10,000 years ago. You'll notice that he never looked back after doing so. Humans were multiplying in vast numbers, and it was the only way to sustain a large population. Besides, did it ever dawn on you that God wanted mankind to depend on one another? That societies teach man to be civil. That working for your neighbor's well being as well as your own builds good character traits such as empathy? You'll never learn to love your neighbor if you don't have any.

    There are about 12 women for every 10 men in China currently. I don't know where you got the notion that this is somehow not enough women to “sustain their race,” but clearly this is not the case at all. And let's face it, in China at least one of those 12 women will probably be a prostitute, so it's not like the men are going to be deprived of sex either.

    Who will be calling the shots in global birth control? I don't know how to say this diplomatically, but I really hope it's not the Catholic Church. I think they've done enough damage over the centuries while pretending to be the voice of God, and thankfully a lot of people, including many Catholics, are getting fed up with it. Sorry, but that seems a very obvious truth to me even if it doesn't to you. Is the Church not split down the middle these days over a variety of issues? Birth control is not playing God. Being God-like involves creating—not preventing creation. It's the Catholic Church who has played God. Unfortunately, I believe they've only proven that they aren't up to the task. The sad thing about all this is that the old saying by Edmund Burke is true, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” And that's exactly what I believe will happen. Good men will sit back and not do a damned thing. That only leaves the politicians to do something for us, and you can bet it will be a plague to end all plagues when it happens. And they will do it.

    But I do like Kathy's gardening idea. Chesterton advocated for every family to own a couple of chickens too as I recall. Unfortunately, it's probably all too little too late.

  5. There's a good short article at about this very topic. It's a year old and the numbers are now off. (It seems things have spiraled out of control faster than people even imagined.)

    Even the Bush administartion warned that "Humans have exceeded the Earth's limits of sustainability." And that was in 2009.

    People really need to wake up about this. The food shortage already began to hit in America a couple of years ago. That's why grocery prices have gotten so out of hand. I can't imagine what this is going to be like in another ten years. I have to work a second job now to pay for my gas. I'll soon have to work a third to pay for my groceries. That's provided there are groceries to be found.

    I also don't understand the catholic's stand on birth control. It's insane. Apparently all life is so precious that they want more and more children to be born only so that they can enjoy the misery of starving to death. Having children born into starvation is pleasing to God? Either the pope is evil or just stupid. This is just more proof that Catholism is a cult if they can brainwash people into following such nonsense blindly while they continue to molest children everywhere.

  6. Cult might be a little strong. I think all organized religion has cultish elements to it though. You can't really single out the Catholics. It's also why I left the Evangelicals. The Catholic sect goes a step farther than most Christian sects though in that they claim all non-Catholics will be sentenced to hell and eternal torture by their loving Father just because they didn't happen to pick the correct sect of Christianity. Fortunately, I've never met a Catholic who really believed that, and if I had children, I wouldn't allow someone around them who did because I consider that to be maniacal thinking, and there's no telling what a person like that is capable of. But really, the vast majority of Catholics aren't that silly. I've also never met a Jew who would stone his children even though it's a biblical command for certain behaviors. I think most Christians are not so different from me in that they aren't crazy enough to believe EVERYTHING in a bible or that a Church or preacher says. Those that do are indeed displaying a cult influenced demeanor.

  7. J-Zuckerman,

    Less than five percent of all priests have even been accused of molesting anyone EVER. Please don't lump the good priests in with the few bad apples.

  8. Actually I wish Tom had never brought the subject of the Catholic Church into this. Their teaching has had very little impact on the populaion problem. 3 out of every 4 people on the planet are Chinese. China and India is where the problem is greatest by far, and the Catholic Church is barely known in those countries.

  9. Yahoo, Tom didn't bring up the Catholic church- re read his post. He spoke about God but not which faith, (if any, perhaps Judaism since he spoke about Soloman- but mostly because wisdom is attributed to him). He's been busy taking care of me, I've pulled my back out really badly and can't walk. He will reply soon.

  10. My mistake Kathy. It was me who brough up Catholicism.

    I'm not even going to ask how you threw your back out. I'm just gonna take it for granted that the two of you were playing Tarzan and Jane again. Tsk, tsk. Get well.

  11. Sorry it's taking me so long to get back on this. Between Kathy's back and just being busy the last few days I haven't finished my reply. I'll try to get around to it tonight. I sure enjoy these exchanges. It forces me to think my way through stuff.

    By the way, you ought'a see me in a loin clothe swingin' around the bedroom.

  12. "By the way, you ought'a see me in a loin clothe swingin' around the bedroom."

    Someone would surely want to make a cartoon character based on me if they ever saw me in a loin cloth. On the other hand, Baby Huey's already been done.