Monday, August 7, 2017

Profanity is Just Another Sign of Devolution.

You've probably noticed that in recent years, the use of profanity in the English language has grown dramatically. At first I thought it was just kids doing it on the interweb. After all, the majority of posts / comments you see on the web (with the possible exception of Facebook) are made by people under the age of 20. Like smoking, it's a way for 12 year olds to show-off for 11 year olds. Now we're seeing it on just about every single TV show and movie too. Lord knows almost all of them seem to be written by children. The stories, hackneyed and all around horrible to begin with, are punctuated by nudity, simulated sex, profanity, mixed race couples, and homosexual characters, not to mention plot holes galore. Now I fully realize that most of these things are there for the sole reason of liberal Hollywood doing their best to offend Christians, but that doesn't account for the horrible stories and plot holes. Stupidity accounts for those. We all know now that human and other animal genes are breaking down and have been doing so for at least the past 35,000 years. The use of profanity is not just an attempt to be cool or to tick-off Christians. It's a sign of an inferior or diseased brain that doesn't have the capabilities to use words that have deeper meaning. The Greeks during Plato's time had a 5-million word vocabulary, something almost no one today has the mental capacities to even aspire to. English, the most sophisticated language in the modern world has only 490,000 words, and very few people know even 10,000 of them. Now we've delved into a world where well-thought-out adjectives and adverbs with good and proper meaning are being replaced by simple-minded profanity that has only a vague meaning at best. There's no greater measure of mankind's intelligence than its collective vocabulary.