Monday, July 31, 2017

Bürstenhaus Redecker Long Bath Brush

Suffice to say I really like this back scrubber. The plastic ones never last long, so I've always preferred wood. This one is made of Beachwood, the same kind of wood used for tool handles like shovels and rakes, so it's very sturdy. Some manufacturers will make the handle and brush separate with a slot in the brush head for the handle to slide into. Those are nice too in case you want to take the handle off and just use the brush to . . . heck, I don't know—scrub your chest and stomach area or maybe your feet, but those always break in that slot area eventually. I think a single piece of wood for the whole thing will likely last longer. This scrubber is nearly 20" long and really feels substantial when you hold it. It's not some cheap, flimsy item. I believe you could actually drive a nail with it. The bristles are made of pig fibers—not too hard, not too soft. I paid $22 for mine. I'm sure Amazon stocks it, but please do the world a favor and buy it from someone other than that smut giant if you can. Hipster Market has it for about the same price.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Philips Norelco 2100—Electric Razor of the Gods

I’ve tried a bunch of different electric razors over the years, and not one of them worked worth a darn. I guess I’ve got a weird beard. Yes, that’s what they called me—Mr. Weird Beard. Electric razors just don’t want to shave my beard for some reason. . .until now.

I can’t get over how nice this thing works. Even if I haven’t washed my face first and it’s still oily, this razor will give me a nice shave every time. And it’s cordless, so it’s great on trips. I only have to charge it once per week. You have to change the blades every six months—not bad at all for the close shave you get. It also has a pop-up sideburn trimmer. Highly recommended.