Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whimsy Woo Woo

Finally, I get a blog to just goof off with and not have to rack my brain about. Seems like old times. I studied computer repair at a local community college just for fun during the late 80s and got my first web connection in the late 90s. I started with AOL like a lot of people and then quickly switched to Prodigy. I remember putting up my first website at Prodigy. It was just fun nonsense in those days, and I kinda miss it. It just seems that everything I’ve done the past few years has been so darn serious. I thought this blog might help regain that spirit of newness the internet had back then. It’s not a secret, but I sure as hell ain’t using my real name with it. Not that I’ve got anything to be ashamed of. This just makes me feel like I’m being reborn. A brand new slate. Tabula Rasa baby!

A Man of Moostery

I’m no mystic and don’t think I’d wanna be one. I was driving past this road one day though near my old girlfriend’s house and couldn’t resist the photo op. This was taken in 2006 I believe. Am I a man of mystery or what? Maybe I should say man of moostery.