Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Stills From My Sony V1U Camcorder

I was experimenting with making some changes to the screws on the bridge saddles of my Fender Telecaster the other day and videotaped the process in case my brainstorm actually worked (it didn't) so I could post pics of the process. There are some tele saddles out there that use smaller screws for the saddle height adjustment in order to accommodate grooves for the stings to sit in or to make more room for slanted/intonated saddles. The smaller screws make for a bit of a thinner sound though, I suppose because the tiny screws don't sit as solidly on the bridge-plate as the larger screws do. (The fourth photo here shows one of the original saddles sitting in front of one of the experimental ones with the smaller screws so you can see the difference in size). Anyhow, my idea was to try some regular pan-head screws mounted from underneath so that the big head of the screws would sit against the bridge-plate, giving a larger surface area for the saddles to sit on. Unfortunately, this resulted in a rather dull, thuddy sound, so I'm back to the original Fender saddles.

Well, anyhow the video is just breathtaking from this camcorder, so I thought I'd post a few stills from this experiment. The only lighting used was the regular overhead lights above my kitchen table and what sunlight came through the window (quite a bit actually).

Everything was shot in 60i with cinematones turned-on and the shutter speed at 60. No gain was used. You have to click on these photos to enlarge them and see how great they really are at 1920x1080. (Actually, Blogspot resizes them to 1600x900, but that's still pretty big).