Monday, January 23, 2017


Whipping Flat Earthers Back to Their Caves
by C.W. Seper, January 23, 2017

Sick of seeing all these goofy Flat Earth videos and blogs? Here's a little ammunition in the fight against the unbridled stupidity currently sweeping the idiotnet.

1) As you travel in any direction on the planet, the stars behind you start to disappear while new ones come into view in front of you. For instance, you can't see a single star in the Southern Cross constellation from Chicago. Nor can you see Polaris or more than a couple of stars from the Little Dipper or Draco from Buenos Aires. The obvious reason is that the Earth itself (being round) is in the way.

2) If the Earth was flat, you would be able to see cities in Europe or China from the USA with a good telescope on a mountaintop. In fact, the Earth's horizon makes it impossible to see more than 50 to 100 miles away. Not only will you not see the Eiffel Tower from Indianapolis, you won’t even see the mountaintops of West Virginia.

3) Flat Earthers claim there is no video of the entire Earth rotating from space. Actually, it's done all the time. You see live time lapse views from weather satellites on the news every day. There is even at least one satellite that sends a live time lapse feed 24 hours per day from the International Space Station that you can watch online:

4) Flat Earthers claim that the real distances to the stars and planets are simply made up and that we're being lied to (apparently by every single astronomer in the world). In fact, we know the distances to stars by using the parallax method of calculation. It is not a theory. It is a calculation. One that any grade school kid can do. The distance to the moon is even easier to calculate by simply bouncing radio signals off it. They travel exactly at the speed of light, 186,200 miles per second. It takes 2.56 seconds for a radio wave to hit the moon and come back. Dividing that in half: 1.28 times 186,200 = 238,336 miles. (Truth be told, it’s not exactly 1.28 seconds. The total distance is closer to 239,000 miles.)

5) They claim you can't circumnavigate the globe by going south because the world stops at Antarctica. Actually, ships, subs, and planes circumnavigate the globe going north to south or vise-versa all the time. There's a no fly zone over Antarctica (simply because a rescue mission would be nearly impossible in most situations if you crashed), so they skirt just around the continent. Whalers have records going back centuries of traveling past Antarctica from South America (for instance) and back up past New Zealand and China through the Artic Sea and back down past Greenland to the Atlantic. Further, you can fly a tour around Antarctica any summer on Antarctica Airlines out of Australia. Sorry kids. No end of the world wall. Have none of these flat Earthers ever sailed the seven seas in the Navy?

6) Virgin Galactic will be taking customers into space probably by the end of next year. They already have 700 people signed up to go. If you have enough money, you can take your own video of the spinning globe from space before long.

7) 207 people from 11 countries have not only been to outer space but have performed space walks. Is it rational to think that all the astronauts from all these countries have lied to everyone on Earth since the late 60’s? If so, perhaps flat Earthers should ask Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and Brazil why they bothered putting billions of dollars into the International Space Station if none of them have really even been to space to begin with.

8) Flat Earthers claim that the Earth doesn’t really spin. In fact, both wind and ocean currents move clockwise in the northern hemisphere and anticlockwise in the southern precisely because of the Earth’s constant rotation.

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