Monday, February 9, 2015

Affordable Dentistry?

Just got back from getting a filling at a place called Affordable Dentistry. They charged me $326 for a filling! Is this actually affordable dentistry? I know prices on everything keep going up every year, but this seems like plain old thievery to me for less than an hour’s work. My last dentist didn't charge half this, and he was able to retire at 45! I guess this new breed have set their sites on retiring at 30.

I’m fairly conservative, but health care is one area where I feel a certain affinity with democrats. Heath care agencies, insurance agencies, and personal injury lawyers have got the health care system so screwed up that it wouldn't bother me at all if the government stepped in and took it over. I’m tired of making boat payments for every crook in town.

Just hadda say it.


  1. My daughter is spending $15k to have her entire set of teeth fixed, from widsom teeth removal to fixed screwed up root canals and fillings that didn't work. She is doing the sedation dentistry. Even with dental insurance it's expensive as they will cover only 50% of major work and there is a cap on benefits. Not that I don't agree with you on how messed up the healthcare system is but the reason for some of the higher prices is that they are not getting paid enough through insurance or govt programs. My doctor sees a lot of medicaid patients and he said they didn't even get enough reimbursement to cover the salaries or operating expenses of his staff and building, not even counting his salary. If he didn't limit how many cases he saw, he'd have to close up. I know my insurance keeps them from charging what regular patients pay so they might be jacking up the prices on non-insurance. Tom's finger injury was $1800 for treatment at a urgent care- stitches, cleaning, xrays, etc. We paid $40.

  2. Oops, I should mention, my company pays so much towards our deductibles but when you use that money, you pay. So if we had already used that money, it would have been more.

  3. My nephew fell off his bike when he was about ten or eleven and either broke off or chipped nearly every tooth in his head. My parents actually had to take out a 2nd mortgage on to house to pay his dental bills. Health care in this country is way beyond absurd. I may have to melt down pennies and learn to make my own fillings if this keeps up.