Monday, December 22, 2014

Trouble Uninstalling a Program? Try This!

I somehow managed to download that crummy Ask Toolbar into my programs. As I recall, it came automatically with some other free program and the idea was to just uninstall it afterward. Well, I never could get it to uninstall. In fact, if I went into my Add/Remove Programs folder and clicked on it, I got no pop-up box of any kind. No options to do anything. Well, low and behold, Microsoft has come out with a free program called “Fix It” that will remove just about any stubborn program. And it runs online only, meaning that Fix It doesn’t get loaded to your programs folder. You just go to the MS website and use it whenever you need it. And it works fantastic with just about any Windows OS going back to 2003. Give it a try:


  1. Hey! Bill,
    Its me, "ccwman21" from youtube many years back. I don't know if you recall having dialogue with me. I wrote an essay post on the difference between Ethos and Morality, which you commented on. Anyway, I think about you from time to time and remembered you had an affinity for GK Chesterton, so, I dropped by your Gmdinformation youtube channel and just followed the bread crumbs to here. I saw your memorial to Shadowlands last night. I recall your communications with her from those days and was sad at the knowledge of her passing, but, I appreciated your memorial. I'm not really going anywhere with this, but, just wanted to say "Hey" and tell you that I respect your thoughts on God, life and spirit. God bless, David

    1. Sure I remember you! Good to hear from you David. Hope everything is going well. I may actually have a new upload at that channel for Easter. Take care!

    2. Yep, I am making a run at 50. I may catch up with before long. It sure is good to see you still up here and blogging. I've been perusing your posts since I was last plugged in (6 years ago or more). Its amazing you bumped into Bob, and you were actually able to make the connection with him. I'm so introverted, I could be sitting next to a close family member and would never know it, because I don't look up. I will be looking for your new gmdinformation upload. Incidentally, I will have to try this "Fix It" microsoft app, some wares are like gum on the shoe, its good to see there's an free way to get rid of persistent apps.

    3. The MS web based app doesn't always work, but when it does it's nice to have.

      Nice chatting again David!