Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Medley - A Dream in the Forest & The Minute March

The first half of this medley was written by the Paraguayan guitarist Agustin Barrios and in English is called A Dream in the Forest. The second part was written by myself and is called The Minute March, and if you can play it cleanly in under a minute, I'd say you're a pretty fair guitarist.

I struggled over whether to play this on steel string or nylon. It sounds fine to me either way. The tuning high to low is:

D# (1st String)





C# (6th String)

If you tune your guitar down a half step, and then tune the 5th and 6th string down another whole step lower yet, you'll be there.


  1. Pretty good there! Why aren't you playing around town or at festivals?

  2. Not much call for a soloist, and I don't like playing in bands. I guess I could start busking down in the loop if I didn't care about getting everything I own stolen.

    Bit by bit I'm knocking off enough tunes to put out a solo acoustic record on CDBaby. I've got around 400 hundred subscribers between my two YouTube channels, so maybe I'll get some sales through them.