Sunday, May 6, 2012

Allen Craig is the Next Ted Williams

Albert Pujols and Allen Craig

Mark my words. I told everybody back in April, be prepared to be amazed when this guy gets into the Cards lineup fulltime in May. Craig is the most natural hitter I’ve seen since Josh Hamilton. He may even prove to be better. Since Tuesday, May 1st Craig has played in four games and batted 16 times. He has six hits already, 4 of them for extra bases.

Batting Average .375

Watch that RBI total go through the roof. Craig seems to actually hit better with men on base. Even though he missed all of April with his knee rehab, I expect him to be leading the team in RBIs by the 2nd week of June (and that’s going to be a tough feet since Freeze already has 24). He’s just that good.

They say that Josh Hamilton is the closest thing to "The Natural" in baseball. But Craig is so good I predict we'll be calling him "The Un-natural" as in, out of this world good.

I miss Albert, and I’m tickled pink that he finally got his first homer of the season today. But who needs Albert when you’ve got Allen?


  1. So, will he then have his head frozen in hopes of some future miracle?

  2. How do you know Craig wasn't cloned from Ted's head? Hmm?

  3. I guess we'll know if Sears starts producing a multitude of products with Craig's name on it (damn, I just made myself look old, didn't I?).

  4. Good thing you didn't say Roebuck.

    Mickey Mantle and Al Yastrzemski signature bats and gloves were the hot items when I was a kid. My dad hoped he'd see my name on one of those some day, but they called me The Un-Natural for all the wrong reasons.

  5. My glove, the one I'm still using to play catch with my granddaughter, is a Julian Javier. And I was a perpetual right fielder which pretty much says all that needs to be said about my Little League career.