Friday, February 3, 2012

Hugh Laurie Live

St. James Infirmary (you might want to fast forward to 3:20 for the song to really get going)

Hallelujah I love Her So



  1. Ya know, my car radio is always set to country but my heart is in a jazz/blues bar! I love this music. We used to hang out at JP Hutto's over in Chesterfield/Town & Country when I was younger, plus down at the Landing. Even in Rock tastes I lean towards Allman Brothers-- Where it all Begins. Thanks, I love Hugh Laurie.

  2. Well all good and proper American music has a touch of Dixie in it don't-cha-know.

    I knew Laurie played some music, but I never knew he was this good! I was looking at YT yesterday for Hot Lips Page's version of St. James Infirmary and just happened to notice in the suggesed videos section that Hugh Laurie also had a version of the song. This is the first time I think I've ever heard him sing. His version is darn near as good as Page's or Louis Armstrong's.