Monday, January 23, 2012

What Kind Of Person Is Neil Gaiman?

Someone left a negative review on one of Neil Gaiman's books at Amazon a couple of days ago. Gaiman, ever searching out negative reviews of his 6th class work, found this one and asked his Twits, umm...I'm mean Twitter followers (the few who weren't attending the Bette Midler concert that night) to go and trash the review. Within 24-hours there were over 300 thumbs down on his review and over 500 within the space of two days. Nice guy....


  1. Classic Gaiman. As a Scientologist whose father was involved in the infamous Snow White Scandal, Gaiman learned to manipulate the press. His whole career has been built on creating an illusion of popularity, rather than doing the hard work of learning to write a decent book. The result is a mediocre writer with a mean streak who is continually insulted by anyone who points out that he can't write very well.