Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good Time To Invest In Amazon Stock

Amazon stock went up 3-ticks today at the announcement of two new products and a cheaper price for the Kindle 3, all just in time for Christmas:

1) Kindle Fire - Basically an iPad with a smaller 7" screen for only $199.00. Supposedly a 10" screen model is in the works (price unknown). This can sort of be thought of as Kindle's version of the Color Nook. It has a backlight and a color screen; however, it's more of a tablet computer with a dual core processor, 8GB of storage (that's enough to store a movie on), and the ability to browse the web.

2) Kindle Touch - A new e-reader with a touch screen, very much like the Nook. It will sell for $99 with on-screen ads or $139 without ads. Why anyone would want a touch screen though is unfathomable to me.

3) Kindle 3 at a cheaper price as low as $79 with advertisements on-screen or $110 sans the ads.

Bigger news than all this might be India's announcement of a, get this—$35 tablet computer—aimed at the rural poor. It's called the Aakash (which means "sky"). It has a 7-inch touchscreen, 32GB of internal memory, 256MB of RAM, and two USB ports. The 2100mAh battery should last for two to three hours. Now India's children from the poorest segment of society can learn to be slackers too!

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