Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something About Isabella

I stumbled upon this girl today. Her name is Isabella Selder. There are only three YT videos of her. Two as a child and one as a nineteen year old. She's twenty one now and I can find nothing of her anywhere on the internet. Here she is at seven years of age playing some flamenco music. It's not terribly dificult for an adult, but for a child this age it's amazingly good.

I know that she's German, but you wouldn't know it listening to her sing "Yesterday."

Now here she is at nineteen playing a sonata by Paganini that's one of the most dificult peices I know of in the classical guitar repertoire, and playing it better than I've ever heard it played. From just this one piece of music I could almost say that she's already the best classical guitarist I've ever heard, providing she plays everything else as well. Why isn't she better known?


  1. Amazing. I can't imagine being able to do this.

  2. I imagine it all the time. Now if only dreams came true!