Friday, June 10, 2011

The 'Judicial Insider Trading' of Justice Clarence Thomas and Wife 'Ginni'

Most people know I'm a moderate with conservative leanings politically, so I'm just as happy when crooks from either side of the isle are shown for what they are, and boy has this been the case with Justice Thomas lately. There's a very good article on his underhanded dealings at Scoop. Also, watch this video. Some good detective work here.


  1. I watched every minute of the Anita Hill hearings. Knew she was telling the truth and that Thomas was dirty as sin. This just adds to the case. Disgusting!

  2. Well, they did prove beyond a doubt that Hill was lying about some things too though. I don't think either one of them are capable of telling the truth for more than five sentences at a time. It's nice to see at least one of them get his comeupance though.

  3. There hasn't been anything about it in the news. Not surprising I guess as there is never much of anything important reported. They are consumed by Weiner now.