Friday, May 27, 2011

Can't Comment On Blogger Or See My Followers

Just a note to let my blogging friends know that there are several people having trouble with Blogger (and I'm one of them) not letting them stay logged in, so that when they click on someone else's blog they get logged out and it's impossible to comment on anyone's blog. I can't even comment on my own! I can leave new posts, but no comments.

Update: I found a way to stay logged in now although it's still not the best. Sign out of your dashboard. This will take you back to the sign in page. Sign back in, but this time make sure NOT to check that box that says "Stay signed in."

I don't know why, but many people have reported that if you uncheck that box, you'll be able to stay logged in so that you can commment on other people's blogs. Of course, whenever you shut down your browser it will meaning signing in all over again next time you want to comment on someone's blog.

Also, people who have this problem also will not be able to see their followers anymore. I can see that I have followers, but I can't see who they are.

If this is happening to you, there's a thread about it at Google's help forum here: Blogger Problems

Edited to say that I also can no longer see Facebook "Notes" on other people's Facebook accounts either if they have a lot of them. I'm guessing this is all due to a problem with the latest Java update.


  1. I can't log in or comment either when I am using internet explorer (which I'm tied to on my laptop). It won't even let me sign in, says the page can't be found after I enter userID and password then hit submmit. I have to use my husband's laptop with Chrome and it lets me sign in and post.

  2. You might be able to comment if you comment as Anon. That worked for me and then I just signed my name.

  3. Yeah, I know I can do the Anon thing as long as the blog owner allows it. Some of them don't though. I was trying to leave you a message today but got frustrated and quit. I was afraid that if I left it as Anon that you wouldn't know who I was (it never dawned on me to sign my name--duh!) It's late, so I'll try again tomorrow.

    There are people in that Google complaint thread who are having the same problem using Chrome too. I still think it's a Java problem, and I'm guessing your laptop has a different version of Java on it than your desktop does.

  4. Re your followers, maybe they've been raptured? Oh heck! I've been left behind!

  5. Don't feel bad, us too! In fact, everyone I know is still here. I guess I keep bad company! LOL.

  6. I'm too. Just not listed as usual on the side of your blog. These blogs are a pain sometimes!
    Ann (only lets me click anon.!)

  7. The Blogger(Google) team have some serious work cut out for them.

    As the Google Help site suggests, the Commenting system within Blogs, has a number of issues.

    My particular problem presently is that, on my own blog, I am not able to see any new comments(Spreading down the page like your blog). I have tried all comment forms(Embedded, Pop up, Full page) this achieved nothing.

    Apparently, the embedded comment form is causing problems(Conflicts) for a number of people.

    What you have alluded to with the conflicts being experienced when using certain browsers, seems to also be very common.

    Also, as one commenter suggested, it could be a Java Issue which only requires a Java update.

    Updating Java has solved some long term issues I had, though I went through a great number of other tweaks before arriving at that solution(Ouch! I wasted some time there)

    1. I have several different browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox and IE8 and the problem of the invisible avatars in Followers is the same with all. I also have an updated Java installed. I have no problems with the Comments section, I just can't see any of my Followers. Here is my blog URL

  8. I can see my followers now, but I still can't stay logged-in to comment.


  9. Hi,

    I can't see my followers either.
    But they show up on my job's computer.
    I use IE8, but I guess that they're visible on IE9, however I don't want to "downgrade."

    I don't know if the gadget is Java or Flash.

    What I did a couple of days ago was to use Browswershots to see how may blog would look in several browsers.

    Good luck to all of you!


  10. I can see my followers on. Blogger must have fixed something on that end of things. I still can't keep signed in though to comment onb people's blogs unless I uncheck that box I mentioned above.

  11. I am having blogger problems today also. I go to my blog and pictures have been removed, in their place i see toaster, cell phone, an ebay sign just to name a few. I restored some of the pics. Even my slideshow is gone. Hope they get it fixed SOON.

  12. not being able to see followers in Blogger happens...using Google Chrome...they usually return..just out of the clear blue.

  13. Sounds like maybe you've been hacked. You might want to change your password just in case!

  14. Thanks . this helped me. I can post again with my google account. I had the same problem but this time i removed the X next to remember me and now it is all good.

  15. Thanks for this! I just tried again and unclicked 'stay signed in' and like magic I was able to comment!! :) Happy Camper.

  16. Good! It's nice to have a work-around, but Google still should fix this!

  17. I have similar problem. Thanks for this!

  18. Did anybody ever come up with an answer to the can't-see-followers issue? I've got that problem. I changed my password, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

  19. Try changing to a different theme. It seems that some of them display followers better then others.