Friday, April 8, 2011

Mafia President Trump?

Let's talk about just a few of Donald Trump's mob ties:

Phillip Wasserman - Trump uses Wasserman's company to promote free lunch seminars that are in reality high pressure sales pitches. Wasserman resigned from the Florida Bar rather than face disciplinary action. According to, "The Florida Supreme Court found him guilty of charging excessive fees, failure to act with diligence, improper trust-account maintenance and even paying a disciplinary fine with a bad check." Wasserman openly admits that many of his family members are involved with the Chicago Mob, but will say nothing of his own involvement.

Genovese Mafia Family - From a July 2001 Time Magazine article: "Even the currently troubled Donald Trump has allegedly paid his Genovese dues, perhaps unwittingly. Last month Trump took the stand in Manhattan's federal court to deny that he knowingly hired 200 illegal Polish aliens to demolish a building in Manhattan in 1980 to make way for his glittering Trump Tower. Members of Housewreckers Local 95, who also accuse their own president in the scheme, allege that Trump was able to avoid making payments that would now total $1 million (including interest) into the union's pension funds. % "You can bet there was a wise guy somewhere in the background," says an FBI specialist on the Genovese family. Says labor consultant Daniel Sullivan, an FBI source on the Mob who has testified in the case: "It's a classic Mob relationship. Trump or his people had to have a deal to get such a sweetheart contract."

Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno and Paul Castellano, both of the Gambino Mob - Wayne Barrett, political writer for the Village Voice named several crime families connected to Trump's building and real estate ventures in his 1991 book, _Trump: The Deals and the Downfall_, where he showed copies of numerous government documents and personal interviews backing his claims. Salerno and Castellano's S&A Concrete company was one that was used several times, including all the concrete used in the Trump Towers.

Roy Cohn - Well known lawyer to the mob has handled numerous suits for Trump over the years. Barrett claims Trump was like a son to Cohn.

John Cody - Boss of that same Gambino owned concrete company. Trump rented a condo to his girlfriend, and then after Cody went to prison, Trump tried to sue her for unpaid rent. That is, until she filed court papers accusing Trump of taking kickbacks from an architect working on her apartment. Trump settled out of court giving her a half million dollars.

Robert Hopkins - Lucchese crime family associate who ran the biggest illegal numbers operation in New York out of his Trump Tower condo, according to court records cited in the book.


  1. Sure, but doesn't having all these mob connections make him the most well prepared Presidential candidate in years? That was all just practice. If he makes it to Washington he'll be dealing with the pros.

    I'm still hoping he runs, if nothing else just for the entertainment factor. Hell, even watching him address these allegations will be interesting.

    And he wouldn't be the first President with ties to organized crime. Kennedy was surrounded by allegations and then of course there's Truman and his ties to the Pendergast operation.

    This is like a weird experiment. I've worked for and with a lot of people that have personalities really similar to Trumps. Most are successful and most don't take criticism well. Generally speaking they are in positions to control those around them because of their position in their companies. It always interests me to see how they handle situations where they're not in control. Some are able to switch gears, adapt and come out on top. Others throw tantrums. Wonder which way Trump will go?

  2. I don't know; I'm getting sick of stupidity as a form of entertainment. That's just about all there is on TV anymore.

    After that cobra escaped from the zoo a couple of weeks ago, someone put up a twitter account claiming to be the escaped cobra telling of his adventures slithering around the big city, and they got a ton of followers. I thought I might do the same writing as Donald Trump's hair. Unfortunately, someone beat me to it. Boy, that would have been a wealth of comedy material there.

  3. Go for it. We need a bit of humor; it'll make watching the ship of state slowly slipping beneath the waves easier to take.

  4. This person who made this meme thinks Bernie Sanders is the answer to which I loudly say NO THANK YOU though as well!


  6. Wow. You nailed it 6 years ago!