Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Terrific New Movies at Hulu

I sent this email to a freind just now and thought it might make a worthwhile post here as well:

You might want to take a gander at Hulu when you get a chance. When you get there, click on the tab labeled "What's New", and after you get to that page, choose "Feature Films" from the "Video Type" category tab. They put up over six new pages full of new listings overnight, and for a change, at least half of them are very good to excellent. For instance they've got four new listings from Ingmar Bergman: The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, The Virgin Spring, and The Magician. I've been dying to see that last one for years. They've also got Lord of the Flies, Obsession, M, Hobson's Choice, Jigoku (a Japanese horror film from 1960 which features a doppelganger and is supposed to be quite good for the genre), My Life as a Dog, The League of Gentlemen (the original 1960 version), The Spirit of the Beehive, The 400 Blows, La Strada, The Lower Depths (original 1936 version), Europa, The Rules of the Game (an old French film that's supposed to be one of the best movies ever made), Richard III, Ugetsu (a Japanese movie from the 50s which is supposed to be one of the greats, and another that I haven't seen), Wings of Desire, (you're probably familiar with this one, but if you haven't seen it, you really should—it's better than the American remake), Cronos (another of the few horror movies that's supposed to be good, but which I haven't seen it), Seven Samurai, Ratcatcher, Black Orpheus, Breathless (the 1960 French film that started new wave cinema), The Four Feathers, Walkabout, and Diabolique (yet another French film). There are also about a half dozen new listings for some of Charlie Chaplin's best movies.

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