Friday, February 18, 2011

Net Neutrality Laws

This is all about greed. A cable or DSL company can elect to not allow subscriptions to Hulu (for instance) to go through to their ISP customers, but will allow subs to Netflix (or any other competitor) to get through, assuming the competitor is paying them to do so.

So, your ISP provider will partner with certain online broadcast companies. The internet TV revolution isn't going away, but the rules are certainly changing. Goodby to free content if this is the case.

I'm a moderate with conservative leanings, but I'd be all for net neutrality laws if they're properly implemented.

Incidentally, it's truly amazing to me how many people from Yahoo commenting on that story I linked to have no idea what it's about and are just blathering away about the government taking over the web or something. Just one more reason the common man should not be allowed to vote. Really, any of us who can't place in the top 2% of a standardized IQ test has no business voting for leaders. Everyone could still have some input by writing to their representatives, but I'm convinced that not just anyone should be allowed to vote.

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